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Mary Rose Collection is an art gallery and gift shop that combines artistic skill and distinctive gifts crafted with love and care to create a unique shopping experience.

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our story

Mary Rose Collection, which opened November 4, 2006, is an art gallery and gift shop that combines artistic skill and distinctive gifts to create a unique shopping experience. Guests enter a nostalgic old telephone company built in 1913 which was renovated by Mary Rose and her family.

By stripping the vintage woodwork, giving the walls a fresh coat of paint, and applying lacquer to the newly laid wood plank floors, the old telephone building began to take on a bright, inviting atmosphere. When the two dropped ceilings were removed and the nine tons of rubble were hauled away in a grain truck, open rafters and twelve eight-foot-high windows were exposed. Natural light now streams into the main gallery of Mary Rose Collection to give guests a warm welcome and a place to shop for art by Iowa artisans intermingled with gift wares.

Mary Rose Collection offers an opportunity for Iowa artists to showcase their talents. The shop carries the work of more than 40 artists to provide guests a wide-ranging selection. Studios set up in the shop provide an additional avenue for local artists to demonstrate and share their creativity. From pottery to paint to stained glass, guests will have an opportunity to explore and watch local artists create.

In 2018, Lynsi Pasutti joined Mary Rose at the shop with Purple Star Studio. Moving her ceramics studio from Stuart to Mary Rose Collection when she became the Perry Chamber Director was the perfect fit. Having participated as an artist in Art on the Prairie nearly since its inception, Lynsi brought her creative talents to Perry, including the Artisan Afternoons which she had started at her former studio in Stuart. Continuing these pop-ups with featured guest artists, now at Mary Rose Collection, Lynsi has expanded opportunities to showcase local and area artists who demonstrate and display their work. In Purple Star Studio, her fully equipped ceramic studio located in the lower level of Mary Rose Collection, Lynsi gets to create.

a note from kate

At Mary Rose a sense of home and a sense of place are about more than hiring a designer or buying a set of furniture. It is not about more, more, more, or newer, newer, newer. At Mary Rose, filling a home is about honoring craftsmanship and honing one’s sense for what type of place best allows you to thrive, relax, be inspired, and enjoy life’s blessings.

To me, this means a home filled to the brim with antiques, handcrafted goods, art, color, reminders of friends and family, and plenty of materials for projects. For others, it is more about neutrals and a few favorite pieces.

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